Port Tropsog

The northern most town in Farynshire. A port known for fishing, boatbuilding, damp and mushrooms. Due to the many rocky outcrops it has not developed into a modern harbour like Sylnmouth.

Traditionally, Tropsoggians pride themselves on their no-nonsense approach to life. They are very matter-of-fact, displaying none of the romanticism or whimsy that the rest of Farynshire is often susceptible to. Most put this down to their drab surroundings, which discourage imagination. Squashed between the Daggerrock Mountains and the cold Atlantic waves, Tropsog’s colour is grey: grey sea, surrounded by wet grey rocks, low pebble-dashed grey buildings. The town is often beset by a constant drizzle – from the sky, the mountains, the sea, or sometimes all three.

Its most ubiquitous flora is mildew. The Tropsog Lump, a small squarish dark brown mushroom grown naturally in the dank recesses of dripping caves, is probably the town’s most famous export, considered a delicacy throughout the county.