Mass expulsion of academics and Council staff

This can’t be legal, surely?

Rookpot Today and Rookpot News are reporting that First Councillor Rigel Sayce has issued a decree “disemploying” academics from the university and staff working in the Council Chambers.

According to a Council statement, read out by a representative from the reputable law form, Whittaker and Piper, the action was taken against thirty one academics and twenty five Council employees for propagating lies and mis-truths regarding the re-establishment of relations between Rookpot and the wolvern Clans (although at this stage the only Clan to have sent representatives to Rookpot is the Bloon Peaks Clan).

We have not seen the statement, but some quotes that appeared in the media include:


“We need a united stance to deal with this unprecedented contact with a species alien to our own … At this time we cannot afford disunity and frivolous debate …”

“Funding needs to be directed to approved research and rigorous investigation at this crucial time … Academics and researchers are encouraged to take this opportunity to apply for funds for research, and are encouraged to approach the new Council Department, the Office for Inquiry Mandate, with their proposals and ideas …”

“ … The First Councillor has taken the bold and brave decision to re-structure the Council Chambers to become a true public-serving service, representing the united front we present to outsiders …”


Yeah … a lot of bureaucraticspeak there, folks.

According to the reports, the affected “disemployed” were told at the start of the day that their services were no longer required. More than a few were forcibly escorted from their offices by the First Councillor’s new Appeasers.

The Schools most affected in the university are the School of Farynshire and its People and the School of Research, Myth and Legend. The Council Departments where most staff have been removed from are the Civic House and the Tourism Office. The Office of the Seal has been closed down completely.

As of yet none of the newly vacant positions have been filled. There is no word as to whether they ever will be.

There are demonstrations in Dameg Square against this action – and we will be joining the protestors. Numerous law suits are being filed against wrongful dismissal. But the Council’s law form is Whittaker and Piper – so I, for one, hold out no hope of any success in this area – but we will continue to report on the attempts, at least.


Stay safe, vigilant and always ask questions.   Ammaceadda.


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