Fire, Earth, Sea, Forests

Bryss Sholthelthudd

Welcome to Farynshire – England’s best kept secret.

This website is an ongoing project to record and celebrate the county’s rich history, myths, language, personalities, and current issues and events.  It aims to be part historical record, part travel guide, and always interesting.

This site was designed to celebrate our unique and wonderful county.  But we feel that we can no longer continue to be so frivolous and carefree.  Therefore, this platform will also be a place where we can highlight the growing concerns about how the new Council of Rookpot and its increasingly extreme policies.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about the developments and announcements put forward by the Council in recent months, but these accounts have been silenced or have been deleted.  We will endeavour to keep this site active and informative for as long as we are able.

It is hoped that others beyond our county’s borders will also be able to access these reports, but Farynshire has always been cut off and secretive by nature, and is becoming more insular by the day, so this might not be possible.

All reports have been anonymised.  If anyone believes this is a paranoid measure, please see our first blog entry on mass expulsion of academics from the university and workers from the Council Chambers here.

If you want to read about our beautiful county in more peaceful times, Mabel Govitt’s travel blogs start here.



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